In early April, 1983 Champion Discs, Inc. test shot their first mold.  Two discs were produced.  One was cut in half and the current location of the second is unknown. 
Following this test the mold was retooled.

    About a week later this newly retooled mold was test shot with a stiff DX type material. 4 different colors were run. 
Milky clear/white followed by yellow, orange and then pink.  About 80 discs in total and about 20 discs in each color were produced. 
They have no mold markings or engraving of any kind.  The test shots did not have any weight written on them.  They were never released to the public. 
Very few of these exist today.

    Several of these were test flown and the decision to proceed with a limited production run was made.
    3,000 orange discs were molded later in that same week.  They have a signature speckled look.  Most of these were stamped with the Champion Discs Inc "Proto" Star stamp. 
They had the small letter TM in the stamp.  These were the first discs sold by Champion Discs.

    Later in the month of April a full production run of about 7,000 discs was made.  These discs did not have a speckled look.  They were produced in four colors: blue, yellow, orange and pink. 
Most of these were stamped with the Champion Discs Inc "Proto" Star stamp but without the TM in the stamp.  There were also small custom runs done for a handful of events and retail stores.


Most people do not know the history of this era. The Eagle mold was retooled in May of 1983.
These "Transition" discs came about because Dave Dunipace was not happy with how the original Eagle performed. 
He wanted the disc to be more stable in flight so he tweaked the original Eagle mold. 

    These discs were never named.  Very few left the factory.  About 60 discs were produced from this mold configuration. 
Three very small material mixes were used in this test run.  Each mix produced about 20 discs.  All of the discs were white. 
The material was a softer DX type material blend.  The first mix produced discs in the 145-155g weight range.  These discs were marked only with the weight. 
The second mix produced discs in the 165-170g weight range.  They were marked with the weight and a small #2. 
The third and final mix produced discs in the 175-180g weight range.  These discs were marked with the weight and a small #3. 
All of these discs were left blank.

    As with all of the original Eagles they have no engraving or mold markings. 
These were never released and very few exist today. 

    After these transition test shots the mold was adjusted to include the “Patent Pending” engraving and the Aero was born. 
The first run of Aero’s were run in the first week in June of 1983.